Worship is Online-Only Through January 17th

Grow in Faith

Grow in Faith

We worship God – in person and online – and offer opportunities throughout the week for every age group to grow closer to God. See what we have to offer you! Click the links on the right for information on all our faith formation programs.

COVID-19 Worship Schedule

Beginning January 17th we will operate on the following schedule:

  • Contemporary Worship Premieres Sunday morning at 8:45am
  • Traditional Worship Premieres Sunday morning at 11am
  • There are no in-person worship gatherings
  • Contact the Church Office if you need a DVD or CD of the service.
  • Rev. Tina’s Self-Awareness Zoom class will begin soon. Please call the office to sign up.

Other faith formation opportunities for Lent will be announced over the next couple weeks.

This schedule will run through at least February 14, 2021. Session will meet on February 11 to make determinations on worship gatherings after that date. Our elders are using the PA school opening guidelines for a model of when to hold in-person worship.

Changes to this schedule and updates to COVID-19 mitigation guidelines will be posted here. If you have questions about this schedule, call the church office. If you have feedback about our COVID-19 risk management strategy, please contact a member of Session.

About our Worship Services

All of our services center around the worship of God through Scripture readings, preaching from Scripture, songs and hymns of praise, and lifting our prayers.
We also have a special Children’s Message every week where the lesson from the sermon is distilled into easy-to-understand language for our children.

Online Worship

We have been live-streaming our worship services since January 2020 and have produced a unique online worship experience since mid-April.
This service includes all the worship elements you are used to: preaching, songs, prayer, and a children’s message––recorded especially for our online service. Our Pastor, staff, and congregation members work together, so you’ll hear a variety of voices.
We encourage you to gather your family for this service in your living room and to set special time apart to engage in worship. Open your Bible (or Bible app), sing the songs, and take time to pray. It doesn’t matter when you worship, it matters that you set time apart to worship.

Sanctuary Worship

We hold two worship services on Sunday mornings: 8:45am Contemporary Worship and 11am Traditional Worship.
Our 8:45am service is less formal, featuring contemporary music like what you might hear on Christian radio. There is also more time in the service to lift prayer requests individually and share God Sightings.
The 11am service is more structured. Worship follows a liturgy of readings, the confession of sin, and includes traditional hymns you may remember from growing up in church.

Upcoming Events