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Dec 4 – Distant from God

Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed; You will forget the shame of your youth.

Isaiah 54:1–10

Put aside the shame, disgrace, and humiliation and expand your space so that what was once broken will be made fruitful and gain strength in God’s promise.  Put aside the idea of being disappointed and know that God Himself will do things no one on earth can do.  God knows we feel forsaken.  He gave space for us to feel this way but He never truly left our side.

How easy it is to forget God is with us all the time?  We tend to acknowledge the need for Him when something major is happening in our lives, when we have fear, or when we want something.  However, when we pray and nothing happens (at least in the way were thinking it would) we feel abandoned and left behind by God.

Have you ever felt this way?  You pray so passionately about a situation knowing that He is the only one that can possibly make it any better and it doesn’t go the way we had planned.

We as humans believe our way it the best way and so therefore God must have not heard us praying or maybe He decided not to honor our request.  He gives us space and time to calm ourselves and realize we are loved and not left.  He doesn’t want to see us suffer and have pain. He wants us to reach out to Him during these times and find the hope He has to offer.

We should also not forget that He wants to hear from us when things are going well or just okay.  We need God’s love each and every moment of every day whether we are happy, sad, fearful, or just plain content.

Lord, please help us to see Your loving light in all of our situations and praise You for all of the blessings You have bestowed upon us. Amen.

Stacy Riggs

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