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Dec 18 – Misplaced Concern

‘What do you want with us, Son of God?’ they shouted. ‘Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?

Matthew 8:28–34

Satan has stolen the lives of two men in our reading, taken them from their families, cut them off from the community and driven them to violence.  When Jesus arrives, the possessed men address him as the “Son of God,” because Satan knows that Jesus is God. 

Jesus cast the demons out of the men and into the pigs, causing the pigs to run into the lake and die. The men tending the herd of pigs ran into town to tell the townspeople what happened. When Jesus arrived, the townspeople asked Jesus to leave instead of welcoming him.  They feared Jesus’ supernatural power, a power they had never seen before.  Their concern was more about the loss of the pigs than about the deliverance of the demon-possessed men. 

This passage makes me think about the old saying, “Keep your friends close, by your enemies even closer.” However, how do we keep the enemy of God and enemy of everything good, close enough to keep an eye on his schemes without letting him in? Our enemy Satan comes to steal and destroy as he did to the two men in the passage. Satan will do anything to see us fail God, hurt the people we love, and even ruin our own lives. 

We must always keep watch for Satan as he will take every opportunity to enter our lives and demonize us. 

As Christians and believers let us not fear Satan and let us walk in the light and live according to God’s truth and not Satan’s lies. 

Heavenly Father we pray that you would surround us, protect us, and guide us. Father, we accept your grace, salvation and love.  We thank you for all that you do.  

Patty Noah

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