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Dec 16 – Inner Healing

Now many signs and wonders were done among the people through the apostles.

Acts 5:12–16

In the book of Acts, believers came to the apostles despite the risk of persecution. Crowds gathered bringing their sick and tormented to be healed, wishing to get close enough that Peter’s shadow might fall on them.  This was God’s power at work!

What does physical healing look like?  If someone has knee surgery, they will have a healing incision on their leg, be using a cane, and then walking on their own.  Someone with cancer may have surgery, chemo with loss of their hair or radiation.  They may finally be told the disease is gone.  They get their energy back and return to normal activities.  We celebrate with them!

Now, what happens when someone’s spiritual health is in trouble?   We can all relate to times our spiritual health has suffered.  Maybe we are too busy for God, maybe we think we are not good enough, maybe we just aren’t interested anymore or any multitude of sins.  All of these are pushed by the father of lies.  How can we get our spiritual health back on track?  Who is our spiritual physician?   

Like the person with knee issues or battling cancer, we need help!

In Luke 5:30, Jesus is criticized by the Pharisees for sharing a meal with tax collectors and sinners.  In verses 31 and 32 he tells them “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” Since we are all sinners, Christ gave his life for all of us so we can be forgiven.  Just like going to a medical doctor for a physical healing, we need to go to the one who can give us inner healing.

Jesus, we have committed to this journey of following you, but there is still sin in our life. By your Spirit, continue the work of full healing in our life. Thank you for your constant forgiveness. Amen.  

Karen Cowan

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